LGSS: Shared Service Programme 

Local Government Shared Service (LGSS) is one of the largest shared service ventures in the UK and is built on a mature partnership between Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils. It has been in full operation since October 2010. 

LGSS was the first a true public sector partnership, which means LGSS, can ensure that the maximum financial benefits of sharing are received directly by the organisations involved. 

Andrew Rogers and Barbara Batchelor were employed by LGSS to manage the restructure of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire ICT, HR and Finance services, as they become a joint operation for the LGSS Shared Service. At the time LGSS was a shared service for ICT, HR, Finance, Payroll, Procurement and Legal Services. Given Andrew’s and Barbara’s HR and ICT knowledge they were ideally placed to manage this transition.


Andrew worked with senior managers to derive a revised structure (Target Operating Model) for ICT HR and Finance. He also defined the LGSS IT Strategy, the LGSS IT Services Catalogue and the on-boarding process.

Andrew programme managed the implementation of the new structures whilst Barbara took each Council through the consultation process, the job matching, selection and recruitment processes. Given the differing arrangements at the three councils, this process involved harmonisation of grades and terms and conditions. This transition needed to be flexible enough to accommodate new LGSS partners and customers as new Councils joined LGSS.

In addition to this Programme Management role Andrew was also the bid manager for the on-boarding of Norwich City Council. Andrew’s ICT knowledge enabled him also to complete an independent IT audit of all three councils so that an LGSS IT roadmap could be produced.


Our team successful led three separate councils through the process of joining up a range of services into one shared service. Andrew and Barbara defined a range of new operational processes as well as Corporate Governance processes relevant to a shared service operation. LGSS has since gone on to win the 2012 LGC Corporate Governance Award.